The INVRT Bandoleer

It's a new era for a classic piece of gear.  It's the bandoleer, redefined. 

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Preconfigured INVRT Kits

Start your INVRT journey with a pre-configured kit that includes the platform, two primary magazine pouches, and a pistol magazine pouch.

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INVRT Magazine Pouches

AR15, AK47, SCAR, MPX... the list goes on.  We have pouches for your rifle or SMG setup.  All designed and manufactured by IC13 in the USA.

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Critical INVRT Accessories

Add storage space and increase deployment speed with these must have pouches and accessories.

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Medical Pouches and Supplies

If you have a gunfighting setup, a good medical pouch and components are imperative.

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Mount Up! AR15 Mounting Systems

Lockable AR15 wall mounts. Readiness never looked so good.

Mount Up! 

Single Gun Vertical Mount System

The mount that started it all.  Mount your AR15 virtually anywhere.  In a closet, in the mancave, or for a special adaptation.  Solid billet aluminum construction made right here in th USA.

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Multi-gun Vertical Mounting Systems

Stack 'em up!  Mount up to five rifles side by side, taking up just 19" of horizontal wall space. Also looks dope A.F. anywhere your wife lets you put it.

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Horizontal Mounting System

Show off that Gucci AR15 with pride.  Beautifully displays your firearm while keeping it secure.  Also includes a handguard retention system making it perfect for use in vehicles.

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 Quality and innovation are standard.

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