INVRT Revolver Pack Instructions

July 18, 2023 by
INVRT Revolver Pack Instructions
Lebanon Machine & Manufacturing Co., LLC, Josh Sprecher

Learn how install your Revolver Pack on your INVRT Bandoleer Platform!

  1. Make sure to size the main strap (long strap) of your platform BEFORE installing the Revolver Pack, and make note of the position of your sternum strap (short strap).  This is where the Revolver Pack will be positioned.
  2. Remove the harness from your INVRT Platform and separate the two straps that form the "T" shape of the harness.  To do so, remove the adjustable buckle and webbing keeper from the end of the main strap (long strap), and slide the sternum strap (short strap) off of the main strap.  You should now have a short strap and a long strap.
  3. Weave the main strap through the slots as shown in picture 2.  STOP at the center.
  4. Remove the adjustable buckle from the end of the sternum strap.  Reattach the sternum strap to the main strap from the inside of the slotted panel BEFORE continuing to weave the main strap through the slot, back to the original position before assembly.  (You can pull the main strap through the revolver pack far enough to access to easily do this).
  5. Thread the buckle end of the short strap through the slot on the bottom of the revolver pack, and reattach the buckle.
  6. Continue weaving the main strap through the slots on the revolver pack.  
  7. Make positioning adjustments as necessary.
  8. Reattach the webbing keeper and the buckle to the main strap.
  9. Once you have the Revolver Pack positioned as desired, reattach the main strap to the INVRT platform.
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